Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sadly shoes aren't recession-proof

Having cast my eye down my list of shoe shops, it seems that some have already fallen victim to the recession - Lush Shoes has closed its doors 'for the moment', while Steptall's website seems to be out of action.

I'm hoping that most businesses are small enough to not have horrendous overheads, but I can't help thinking the two above won't be the last to close. Good luck everyone!


Amazona said...

Very sad to hear about Lush Shoes. When they first opened they were unique in their offering!

However, some of us like to be bloody minded about life in general - I opended in October, in the week the UK was declared officially in recession! I did always like a challenge!!

Rebecca x

Emma said...

Good luck! I've added you to my list.

Barratts are allegedly in administration too, which is annoying as they were a good source of cheapy cheerful shoes up to a size 10 (although I always find myself to be between sizes there). Hopefully they'll weather the storm.

I suppose in another way it's a great time to buy shoes, as so many shops have great offers on - hardly a day goes by when I don't get an email from Barefoot Tess with one offer or another. On the downside, the high euro exchange rate means I'm less likely to put an order in on a European website - a shame as there are some lovely shoes on a couple of Spanish sites.

Laura Edbrook said...

Jones the Bootmakers do size 9, sometimes a bit granny ish but they have a few good styles.

Tonia Parris said...

Like Rebecca we also decided to proceed in the recession, with most of our styles due in the next week or two (v exciting). Easter will be very busy getting them all uploaded!

We have a lot of colour coming in for the bright summer season, and some exquisite sandals. Time to start thinking pedicures!

Tonia Parris, size 42

Amazona said...

Thanks very much for listing the site Emma! You've got a great resource for us girls with bigger feet here.

And All the Best with your site Tonia!