Sunday, 23 November 2008

Quick update - new sites

Janine Dalton, whose blog is often a source of new sites for this blog, has launched a new website, Pretty Big Shoes, on which she hopes to have a forum and links to sources of large-size shoes. Sign up with your email address to receive updates on her progress.

Also, Katie Long Shoes has recently launched, with some lovely styles including Amber and Jade shoes among others. Look here to sign up.


Janine said...

Thanks so much for highlighting my forthcoming shoe site on your blog Emma. It will take me some time to get a directory of stores together, so I'll start off with a forum and see how it goes. You do a great job covering the topic here and linking to so many shoe sites yourself! :) I will of course be linking back to you from Pretty Big Shoes, and just hope that by people sharing their experiences as you do here that we can have a collective voice.

Tonia Parris said...

Hi Emma,

I just wanted to let you know about another new site selling lovely women's shoes from size 42-46, I am a frustrated size 42 and couldn't find shoes that made my heart race, so I searched far and wide for shoes with a bit more glamour. The shop has just opened this month, and I am thrilled to be bringing some new designs into the market.
Warmest regards, Tonia Parris

Anonymous said...

Here's another site with a huge variety and very good prices.

Emma said...

Thank you anonymous - Big Shoe Boutique is part of Barratts, and a great resource if you're on a budget (like me). However I am between sizes with them - the 9 is too small (just) and the 10 is enormous, so I guess I'll just have to stuff insoles in and hope for the best!