Saturday, 18 October 2008

Surprisingly successful day

I had to go out into central London today to try to find a dress for an upcoming wedding, so I decided that as I was in the area, I might as well go to Chiltern St to see what the shoe shops there had in stock.

First place I went into was Totally Large Shoes, whose current selection is far nicer than their website would suggest. I tried on a pair of 'Penny' in black, and the 43.5 was a little too roomy. The assistant suggested I try the 42.5, and I was a bit wary, but lo and behold they were perfect. So now I have my mary janes and although they weren't cheap, they are well made and will last a long time.

Magnus had some nice boots that caught my eye, and at £80 they were pretty reasonable, but I think I'm going to wait till I get to Amber & Jade at Greenwich market tomorrow morning before I splash out on any boots. Crispins seemed to be doing a good trade, although I didn't see a great deal of interest besides a lovely pair of flat black suede boots. Too steep at £160 however.

Finally I went into House of Sole and almost bought a pair of flat patent pelle moda (moda in pelle?) ballerina-style shoes. Very cute but at £70 I'm not sure I could justify the spending.

I also managed to get some tights in M&S but their sizes baffle me - the large is for women up to 6'0 but only up to a size 14; the extra large is for women up to 5'9 but up to a size 20.

What happens if, like me, you're size 16 and nearly 6'0 tall? Gah.

I also managed to get the dress I wanted, which I'm very pleased with. A good day :)

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karenhi said...

Did enjoy reading your blog. Am the mum of a 15 years old with size 9s who is blissfully unaware of her plight. It just is not practical to be spending a lot on a teen with a fashion sense but we do go through 'cheap' shoes like nobody's business. Am dreading next summers's prom. Daughter is tall but clothes never seem to be a problem but oh dear the shoes - and they have to be flat too!!!
Going shopping next week and only wish we were near London to try out some of these shops