Sunday, 12 October 2008

New shoes for the autumn.

So I need some new flat shoes, just to wear to work but they need to be hardwearing and fashionable. I'd rather they weren't black, because black gets kinda boring after a while.

I'd also like a nice pair of heeled mary jane brogues, or something along those lines. Something that I can wear with colourful tights (actually something else I need to research because normally tights for tall girls are only made in really boring colours) and which will look a bit different.

The final items I'm hunting for are a pair of flat black boots to wear with a miniskirt and some heeled brown boots to wear with jeans or perhaps with a pair of 3/4 length trousers.

Off I go to do my research. I have a few pairs in mind already, but I've not had time to look through the overseas sites yet. Amber and Jade (see left for link) have some beautiful new boots in but I couldn't be bothered to trek to Greenwich market this morning to buy them so I'll go next week instead.

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