Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Stateside ordering - update

I picked up my order from Barefoot Tess the other day, and am delighted with the shoes, although they sent me one pair in red, which should have been green. I sent them a message about this and they're sending me the green ones free of charge. How nice is that?

Barefoot Tess therefore get a massive thumbs up from me on all aspects, plus they have a sale on at the moment - well worth signing up to their email as you get all sorts of promotional codes that get you money off. They also have free shipping in the US if you spend over $75.

Hurrah for Barefoot Tess!


Selena said...


I live in the UK too and I am a size 9. I am going to order some shoes from BarefootTess too and have them delivered to the hotel whilst I am on holiday in Florida.

Did you buy the the Dolce Vita shoes? This is what I am ordering, if so, would you say that there are plenty of room? As I find some of the shoes sizes in the UK e.g. Topshop 9s, Faith 9s, etc to be a tight fit sometimes.

Please email me: selena_danson@hotmail.co.uk

Bootlover said...

Have a look at www.nordstrom.com. They have some great boots & shoes in quite large sizes, and at decent prices (well, some...). Also, if you want to buy stuff from the US that won't ship internationally (I live in Australia) open an account with someone like www.usglobalmail.com and that gives you a US mailing address. They will forward via post or a parcel service and it's quite a reasonable service.