Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Ordering from the States

What with the pound being so strong against the dollar, I ordered three pairs of shoes from Barefoot Tess. One pair of flat silver summer shoes, one pair of green patent high heels (for a wedding) and one pair of lovely 50s-style wedges in black (though I could have happily bought the red ones too). They've been shipped, so should be turning up on my doorstep in the next few days. Best of all, two pairs were in the sale so I got all three pairs for around £115. Quite a bargain given that shipping is included in that. So I will report back once they arrive.

What I liked about the site is they give the shoe measurements, which is invaluable to someone like me who usually is slightly too big for a 9 and too small for a 10. So I was able to measure my foot and order accordingly. Very excited - if they fit well I may just buy all my shoes from BFT as they have such a superb range, and very reasonable prices as well, even with shipping factored in.


Lara said...

Love your list. Loads that I haven't come across before. Have spent the whole afternoon searching for something very specific. Do you know about Totally Large Shoes ... also on Chiltern Street ( Also I assume you know about NEXT?

Barefoot said...


I am Tess from Barefoot Tess. i would love to get in touch with you but can't find a contact option. If you are interested please write to me at (not