Monday, 18 June 2012

Large size shoe shops in Spain

Bear with me on this one, I'm going to try to catalogue all the shops I know of in Spain, as for many of us it's a cheap and easy holiday destination and why not get a few new pairs of shoes while you're there??

I recently went to Andalucia, and just before I left I recalled there being a shop in Seville that did big shoes. So I had a quick look through my list to the left and there indeed was Calzados Guellas. It's only a short walk over the river and down into the Los Remedios barrio, which is mercifully free of tourists and has a few nice cafes as well as all sorts of other shops down the main street. The shop is small but there is a lot of choice and the lady who runs it is very helpful. She's also happy to deliver to the UK and said it costs approx €35 (my Spanish is poor!). She seemed to go up to at least a 45.

Also in Andalusia, this time in Malaga and only a short distance from the main bus and train stations, is Zapatos de talla. This is part of a much bigger group called Gody, and they have a really good selection of shoes in larger sizes in their shop on C/ Cuarteles. The shop is open Mon-Sat 10am to 9pm and the assistants were very helpful despite my limited Spanish. I got a pair of the Hush Puppies sandals shown on the front page of the website and very comfy they are too (though they come up slightly large). I would have bought more but I didn't have the space (or the cash). The website also has a sale section (click on 'Outlet') and seems to have some very reasonable deals. What is annoying is that the HPs I bought in Spain don't seem to be available on any other HP website - UK, US or France! Don't know why this is but it's a pain as I'd love a pair in black as well.

What I found generally is that most Spanish shoe shops only cater for sizes up to 40 or 41 at a push. My 'Tiene usted calzados en talla 43' was met with either amazed or apologetic looks. It's a shame because there are some beautiful leather shoes there and had I had smaller feet I'd have spunked all my holiday cash on shoes!

When I have some more time I'll write about shops in Madrid and Barcelona. In the meantime if you know of any others elsewhere please comment below and I'll add them in.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hello Emma

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Good luck!

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shubee said...

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Carol said...

Did you ever post where you can find large shoe sizes in Madrid, Spain? I am not looking for a website but an actual store i can try shoes on in.

Emma said...

Hi Carol,

I never got round to it as it's so long since I was last in Madrid and Bcn that the shops I did find may no longer be in business. Do a search on for 'calzados tallas grandes Madrid' and quite a few sites should appear (not all will be in Madrid but it should give plenty of options in Spain). Jose Luis Deza ( has a shop in Madrid, as does Calzados Cordones ( There's also TallGalls (, same road as Jose Luis Deza iirc. Hope this helps!

Carol said...

Thank you for your response. You have been helpful!

Caity B said...

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Mitchel W. said...
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sophia said...

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