Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bewitched by brogues

I have a new heart's desire: brogues. Specifically, a pair by Accatino that only go up to 7.5UK Why can I not get my hands on these??. So that's not going to happen and instead I need to find something equivalently lovely.

As I had to finally retire my favourite Hush Puppies 3/4 length flat black boots last year, I need a replacement. I'm hoping Hush Puppies might come up with the goods again. Any suggestions on either front gratefully received.

When in Edinburgh last week I tried to do a little light shoe shopping and the only place that came up with the goods was Clarks, god bless 'em. Duo didn't have anything that really grabbed me and all the Debenhams offerings were a bit cheap and nasty. Clarks have an increasingly big range in size 9s, and the ones I got are both cute and extremely comfortable.

Also in the news: Long Tall Sally in Edinburgh carried a range of shoes by French Sole and a few other designers and so I'm now wondering if they are starting this across all their stores. I like LTS's designs but their 9 is too small and the 10 too big (same old story) so I never find anything that suits, bah.

Finally: walking boots. I went to Cotswold Outdoors recently to try on various pairs to suit my narrow feet and minimal budget. The saleswoman was very helpful and had me try on numerous makes, telling me that German makes are often wide while Italian ones are generally narrow. So I went for a pair of Scarpa Terra GTXs and road-tested them while in Scotland recently, and they were great. I got them from Rutland Outdoors, saving myself £25 in the process (they're £125 in Cotswold). Success!


Amanda Doster said...

Hello there,
I can't remember if I contacted you before about my site Lovely Large Shoes.
Offering a selection to all of us with lovely large feet.

Sizes 8(42)to 11(45)


Paul said...

Hi Emma

I have came across your blog and I knwo a website which sells large fashionable womens shoes that would be great for. It's a brand new site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma - I think Andypola in Spain have a good range. Very reasonably priced, not particularly hard-wearing but I bought a lovely ballerina with ankle strap last year. Ended up buying several pairs...I think they are part of Andres Machado and you can get them on Amazon too....

Anonymous said...

Hey check out www.ninanayema.com I'm a size 13 and a friend of mine told me about this website. The prices are pretty good. I bought a nice gray pair which fit me like a glove and my toes weren't hanging over!!