Thursday, 10 January 2008

Italian shoe shops

Happy new year all! New year, new shoes... all so exciting... I'm debating a trip to Spain in the spring to do some shoe shopping, possibly a bit decadent but there are so many shops there that it'd sort me out for years to come.

Anyway, someone asked why I'd not covered Italy yet, so here goes (after some Italian tutoring from my lovely friend Andrea). A real mixed bag, much like in the UK. Some shops' definition of 'fashionable' leaves a lot to be desired but maybe that's just a cultural thing...

A lot of Italian sites don't seem to offer online shopping, which is a bit of a shame, but I suppose less so if you fancy a shopping trip round Italy! Has a shop in La Spezia
Verdezenzero Been on this blog a while, have some very nice styles
Vezzosi Shoes – based in Rome, some lovely flats, and not tooooo dear.
Ghigo Calzature - based in Milan, huge range and a sale on at the moment...
Maxi Shoes - Has some great styles, and prices are very reasonable.
Swanky Italy - Good range of styles, prices very reasonable.
Scarpissime - Interesting styles, fashionable and prices not too hefty.
Timolati - Oooh. Prices not quite eyewatering but some really cute styles. Check out the red patent dolly heels!
Piero Calzature - has a good range of flats and ballerinas. Prices very reasonable, fashionable styles.
Piededifata - A little more "specialist interest" ie some fetish stuff, but also some really rather fantastic heels such as the polka dot ones with little bows. If I ever thought I'd wear them, I'd buy some straight away. Also some relatively normal boots but in a range of colours that us bigfoots never get to see!
Piccoli Grandi Numeri - Oh. My. God. Can I have every shoe from this place please? What a great range. Classic styles, sporty styles, "young" styles, elegant styles. It's all here and the prices won't make your eyes pop out either.
Notari Calzature has a sale on. Get in quick, there are some lovely shoes and boots on there!
Louis Big Shoes has a small range online, but shops in Rome and Napoli.
Valleverde - you have to log in to be able to see the shoes, which is a bit of a pain, but once I get my password I'll let you know if the range is any cop or not.
Wilma - no online shop but you can send off for their catalogue.
Stuart Weitzman - an American company that also has an Italian website.

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Anonymous said...

I wear a size 9 and whilst on a trip to Venice last year happened upon some beautiful shoes by Nero Giardini. They fit really large and I was able to easily fit a size 41 in all styles!!! Surprising for Italian shoes, but who am I to argue?