Friday, 30 November 2007


And they are lovely. I am so pleased. So full marks to Schuh Kauffmann for coming up with the goods, quite literally.

They are fleece lined and roomy (possibly the size 9 would have been fine but I went for the 9.5 as usually size 9s are too small for me), with adjustable lacing up the back. They come up narrow, which suits me fine.

I can't wait to wear them out!


Clare said...


Not quite sure where to post this but Faith now do size 9 (you have to pick and chose which fit but I am a decent 9 and have found 2 pairs that fit). Also Hush Puppies do a very generous 9. Camper also fit to a 9 and if you search on amazon it will bring up all their suppliers by a 9!

Happy Hunting - I've been doing it for yrs!

Large-hoofed London lady said...

Hi Clare,

That's interesting to hear about Faith - whenever I've tried for 9s in there before they always give me 42s (Office are a bugger for this too). I've just bought some Hush Puppies boots in the sale on Amazon (£35!) and they come up rather wide, especially on the calf, but are exceedingly comfy - but somewhat weirdly I find their heels come up too small. Their flat shoes are generally fine.

I love the look of Camper shoes but have never tried them on. Will have to give them a go now! I shall add this to the main blog - thanks very much for posting.