Sunday, 11 November 2007

Shoe shops in France

Paris is a good bet for big shoe shops, with Sagone being the first port of call - they have a small shop on rue Parmentier (metro Parmentier) that stocks all the large sizes - not too pricey. Don't go to the shop in Les Halles as that only stocks the usual range in size 4-8. Over the road (and just by the metro entrance) is Palais de la Chaussure - which has a very nice selection and all reasonably priced. There may be other shops in the area but I haven't tracked them down yet. Both do mail order.

Also in Paris, near metro Barbès (not the most salubrious area but the girls in the shop are lovely) is Sacapuce. They have a good range of heels and boots in quite distinctive (and fashionable) styles and also do mail order. There is also Grande et Belle but I wasn't particularly inspired by any of their styles online. Looks like they have a far better collection instore.

In Rouen there is Phil Grif, but their website is a bit crap and the styles are fairly mumsy.

In Lille there is La Botte Chantilly, but their site annoys me because you click on "pointures extremes" (large sizes) and half the shoes there only go up to a size 42. So they'd do well to only link to those shoes in a 42 upwards, thereby saving themselves from my wrath. There is also Chaussures Adrien - plenty of wedding shoes although the website is slow to load and the search facility is rubbish. Quite impressed by the selection - the shoes are chic and look well-made. Prices not eye-watering either.

There is also Rymy in Parthenay, though I am ashamed to say I have absolutely no idea where that is.

Only online is Les Grandes, with a fantastic selection of actually trendy and stylish and – dare I say it? – sexy shoes. It's a miracle! Their prices are very good, plus they ship internationally (not sure about whether to the US/Canada though). Also only online is Le Shopping de Marion but I'm not sure if they will ship to the UK - sounds like she gets her shoes from the US and then resells them here.

To be continued...

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