Sunday, 11 November 2007

Boot joy

Here are the boots I just ordered:

I'm expecting to get an email from the company tomorrow saying that something's gone wrong and I can't have them, but should my dream come true and I finally get to hold these beauties in my sweaty little palms, well. I will give thanks. Actually, I'll do that once I've tried them on and they fit properly, but still.

I also ordered a nice pair of flat khaki-coloured mary janes from Taillissime on La Redoute's UK website. I've ordered shoes and boots from them in the past and the quality has been dubious, but these are leather and so will hopefully fare better. I'll report back on fit etc when they arrive in a couple of days. Their styles go up to a 45 and are reasonably priced, so well worth a look as they have fairly fashionable stuff.

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