Friday, 8 January 2010

The BBC highlights our plight!

(with thanks to Iain for the link)

One high street shoe retailer has seen a marked increase in sales of larger sizes. But are our feet really getting bigger or are we coming round to the idea of "sensible shoes"?

Good to see bigfoots getting some press at last. I haven't bought any shoes in a while (apart from a £5 pair in New Look) but although things are definitely better than they were in my youth, it's still bloody hard work to get shoes above a size 8. Whether retailers take any notice of this article is another matter.

Interesting bit from Debenhams though: Earlier this week, department store Debenhams reported a boom in sales of ladies' size nine shoes - up 23% last year on 2008. It's a similar story for men, according to the retailer, which said last year sales of men's size 12s had soared while "requests for whopping size 14 and above are flooding in".

I didn't even know Debenhams stocked size 9s. I might have made more of an effort to look in there if I had, but it's probably only in a few styles, like Clarks, none of which I like very much. I wonder if you can order them online?

2 comments: said...

Can I just say that I stumbled across your blog during one of my relentless searches for size 9 (US 11/EUR 43, same as you!) ladies shoes on the internet and have found it very reassuring! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who is a bit baffled by the fact that most shoe manufacturers seem to believe that anyone with size 9+ feet must naturally want to wear flat, wide-fit, granny shoes, as if we are giant lumbering monsters that would snap the heels if we tried to wear stillettos. It's the young girls whose feet are getting bigger and everyone I mention my shoe size to tells me they have a freind/cousin/sister with size 9 feet too... but either it's impossible to buy fashionable shoes in such sizes (hello Christian Louboutin!) or the '9' comes up very small (sometimes EUR 41). I am 26 and have been subject to this throughout my entire youth and have actually *cried* after coming home from shopping trips before now!!! I don't have as many pairs of shoes as you, but... if you *would* like a shoe-swapping buddy then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

LauSpeaks said...

Thank you Emma.

I hope your quest for finding suitably sized shoes is a successful one. I am sick of wearing trainers all the time. My feet are size 8 (UK) and I also am blessed with wide feet so as you can imagine, finding nice shoes or boots is close to impossible. Until now at least - my friend funnily enough has very narrow calves and she told me about this place.


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