Thursday, 1 October 2009

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

... and how many actually fit?

I was pondering this last night as I unpacked my numerous pairs of shoes. I have about 40-50 pairs of shoes, boots and summer sandal things, and of those I think probably only 20 or so pairs fit me properly. Which says it all really - I'm so desperate to find shoes I like that I'll buy pairs that don't fit and which then end up sitting in my wardrobe. I just can't bear to get rid of them. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else hoards shoes like this!

What would be ideal would be to arrange some sort of swapmeet where bigfooted gals can bring all their shoes that just don't fit and perhaps swap them for someone else's shoes. I suppose the trouble with this is that anyone at the top end of the scale (size 11 and above, say) isn't going to have as rich pickings as someone who's an 8.5 to 10.

Unfortunately I no longer live in London otherwise I'd attempt something like this, but it might be an idea for those living in the metropolis.

Finally, if anyone knows of any good big shoe shops in the south-west, please drop me a line.

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