Sunday, 10 May 2009

New sites (exciting!)

A couple of updates and new sites added - good luck to everyone launching new large size shoe shops!

Parris Shoes
Tonia Parris has set up this site, selling a lovely range of things. The purple heels in particular caught my eye. Nice summery styles too - something I usually have difficulty finding.

Lise-Lotte Hofverberg has set up N.Y. Sko. The site is currently in Danish but she hopes to have it translated into English too soon.


Anonymous said...

I have been wearing a size 12 shoe since age twelve and finding shoes in my size has been very difficult and challenging. Out of frustration I was determined and motivated to start my own company. Hence COSMOSIS was born! COSMOSIS sells women's comfortable and fashionable footwear in sizes 5-14. The new COSMOSIS collection is now being sold on .
Please visit to find out more information about COSMOSIS.

Anonymous said...

My annual summer search has continued this week (all week actually) with little, sorry no success. One frustrating fact came to light though about CLARKS SHOES. An English shoe company which has expanded world wide. Why is that in America and Canada Clarks have a vast range of styles avialable in size 9, 10 and 11s. They are nice styles too not the usual clumpy surgical boot styles we see here.I asked them and they wrote.
"Over the past few years we've noticed a drop in the popularity of size 9. This has meant that at the end of each season we've usually had quite a few size 9's left over in various styles.
I'm sorry you were disappointed that you couldn't get the shoes you wanted in the size you were looking for. I hope you'll understand though, that to avoid so many being left unsold at the end of each season, we've decided to make shoes this size in a smaller range of styles.I'm sorry to tell you that we're not currently planning to extend the size range of shoes" What are they thinking? Yes I know I could order from America but at $40 a pair its too much. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another site for your list is Cinderella Shoes. I've bought from them and their service is great

J x (still searching for some summer run abouts)

Rosenbergs ~ Where Large Feet are spoilt for Choice said...

Hi Emma, thanks for creating such a wonderful site. We have a great store located in Melbourne Australia called Rosenberg Shoes that have specialised in large sizes for over 100 years. :D Yay.. Could you please add them to your site. TY