Saturday, 26 January 2008

More bespoke shoes

As mentioned before, bespoke shoes are very expensive, but you know they will fit perfectly and last forever. Plus you will then have a personalised last.

I daren't ask how much they are, but Hetty Rose shoes are just fabulous and they say they'll make them to any size. Off the peg they're £300+ (wince) so I should imagine the bespoke ones are double that. Ouch, but worth it.

Also expensive (but then handmade shoes are) is Selve - the shoe individualiser. They have a range of styles, you go in and get measured and choose what colours/type of leather you want, they make the shoes up. Classic yet beautiful styles, with some really beautiful pairs of boots. If I had the money, I'd only shop here.

Caroline Groves is based on Chiltern Street in London with workshops in Gloucestershire. Lovely, quirky designs.

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