Sunday, 11 November 2007

Addendum to the below

I also went down to Kingston to have a look at After 8 Shoes, as their website is under construction at the moment. I wasn't particularly impressed - yet again many fairly grannyish styles with only some Hush Puppies standing out. I want cute, feminine shoes, goddamnit! Not clunky things with fat heels that could have been designed any time since the 1970s. My feet are fairly dainty for their size, and I'd like to emphasise that.

Is it too much for today's shoe designers to cater to a younger market? I feel so sorry for the poor teenagers with size 9+ feet, having to wear stuff not dissimilar to what I wore at school - clunky doc martens, men's shoes, trainers. Just because we're tall doesn't mean we don't want to look like a lady from time to time!

I'd welcome comments from youngsters with big feet - any suggestions on where to get fashionable shoes that don't cost a fortune would be great. I got sick of Clarks as a teenager, although they do offer some of their styles in a 9 these days.

Had a frustrating experience at Clarks' Oxford St store the other day - asked the assistant if they did size 9s - he said yes, in some styles, but he didn't know which ones so I'd have to pick the styles I liked and he'd find out if they did them in a 9. WTF? The Clarks store in Winchester took it upon themselves to make up their own little catalogue of styles available in a 9, which was incredibly helpful, but I don't understand why Clarks don't do this as standard!

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